Be Safe.

Types of Crashes


Have a close look at the diagrams that will show you how to be safe 

How to be a safe pedestrian


We've got to take responsibility. 

How to be a safe driver


When you're behind the wheel, your life - and the lives of others- are in your hands.

Be Safe: Walking Your Dog At Night


For dog lovers - and dog owners - walking your dog is the best time of the day. It's  a time to breathe, unwind, say hi to the neighbors, a time to slow down. 

it's also a time we're less like to be paying attention.  Click below and give some thought to making your dog walks - especially at night- safer. 

Be Safe: Walking Home From School


Our kids must BE VISIBLE.!

And, one of the biggest dangers is drivers making a right turn at a stop sign or red light and looking out for oncoming cars -instead of pedestrians in the sidewalk.  s The are many essential things our kids must know besides looking both ways. - But make this one a priority. W! BE VISIBLE!!!

Be Safe: Right Turn on Red or Right Turn at a Stop Sign


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Watch These Videos!

How Many Kids Do You See Here? There are 6!!!! Watch this video!


There are six kids in the middle of the street and this is what it would like to you from 250 away.  Watch video and see how close you have to be to see a white t-shirt!! 

Consumer Reports: Best Reflective Clothing Review


Wearing something reflective is better than nothing... But it should be visible from the front and back, and from the waist up

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