Be Visible. What Your Need To Know - and Get.

"Reflective" means that on-coming head lights reflect off the material and literally light you up. This material is typically dark - it only becomes visible when lights hit it.


"High Visibility or "High Vis" are things made of bright florescent material - usually bright yellow or bright - like these vests. Day or night - you stand out.


My dream is that all outerwear - especially for kids - has reflective and high visibility materials as part of the design. 

Until then, we must take the extra step to be visible.  And, honestly, I wish there were more choices. The marketplace is just starting to recognize the growing need for these products. 

Let us know if you find great stuff and we'll post it. 

Let us know if you're starting a high-vis business and we'll promote it.  

We've collected the best reflective & high-vis stuff:  cool jackets, tote bags, high-end women's fashions, wraps, kids stuff, backpacks, reflective stickers, reflective spray for clothing, hats, beanies and more. Get outerwear with reflective material already built in as your new "is".  

Tote Bags


functional or elegant - or both, have a look! 



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Hats & Beanies


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Scarves and Wraps


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Stickers, Spray & Cool Stuff


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