Pedestrian Safety Awareness Education

 "Be Visible. Be Safe." in Schools 

Using the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) comprehensive pedestrian safety classroom lesson plans as a guide along with our "Be Visible" art projects and our enthusiasm for inspiring life-long "Be Visible" pedestrians, we'll partner with your school to create an impactful, fun event.  

Kindergarten - First Grade


For the little ones, our objective is to teach  the basic concepts of sharing spaces with cars &other motorized traffic. We emphasize that kids should never walk near traffic without an adult or responsible, older sibling.  Look both ways applies to driveways, too! Your new "Safety Superhero" will come home with some goodies for you, too! 

Second-Third Grade


We'll transform your child into a "Safety Superhero" who knows all about being safe! At this age, they're longing for independence - especially if they have older siblings. They might resist holding your hand like they used to. And in turn, they're more likely to dart out into traffic to retrieve a ball, a balloon or something they dropped. 

Fourth - Fifth Grade


It's all about the stickers, the paint, the markers and letting their creativity shine! At this age, we deepen their understanding  about the basic concepts of sharing spaces with cars and other motorized traffic. They'll  can also learn to be an example for younger students and siblings. Get ready: they'll be bringing home high-visibility masterpieces! 

Middle School


It's the age kids are walking home from school alone. Here's where we go full throttle with reflective and high visibility outwear. We'll decorate hats, backpacks, sweatshirts, and jackets with fun reflective stickers and iron-ons. It's also the age we have to stress: make eye contact with drivers before you cross the street, and don't text and cross the street at the same time. 

High School


Let's listen to teenagers as well as talk. What have they noticed? Have they witnessed dangerous behavior by pedestrians or drivers, by friends or parents? What are their ideas for pedestrian safety? A "Be Visible. Be Safe." video contest is coming soon. And, let's enlist teenagers to teach pedestrian safety awareness to children as a public service project, too.

We're Educating Parents, too!


You're a pedestrian and you're a driver and. a parent. It's crazy out there- the statistics are sobering  - you want your kids to be safe.  And it starts with you, at home. Kids learn by example - Be their "Be Visible" role model.  No worries - we'll send home lots of "how-to's" including info about reflective and high visibility clothing & accessories.