Me. Life Coach. Speaker. Writer. Grateful.

Life Coach.


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Speaker. In the Media. In Person.


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Writer. Author.


Coming Soon.

The Heroes Who Saved My Life


 With eternal gratitude to first responders. paramedics, ambulance drivers, EMTs, emergency room doctors and staff...  

About. Blessed. Grateful.


All the things typically written in an "about me" section seem so insignificant now -  past accomplishments, professional successes and all that...

Writer. Speaker. Artist. Lyricist. Activist. Advocate.  Entertainment industry life coach.  I coached women in prison and kids of incarcerated parents and hope to be again soon.

And I'm thinking about writing TV again, so, yeah, feel free to call if you're Netflix. 

I aspire to be as fierce, focused, fearless, as thoughtful and as good a friend as my daughter. 

I aspire to know my truest self as fully, trust my inner voice as completely,  and to move through the world with as much originality as my son. 

I'm soulmates with olive trees, azure seas and every beach on earth.

Israel. Everything.  Except that fake orange juice. 

Hands in the dirt, heart on the sleeve, soul wayyyy out there. 

Dark Chocolate. White jeans.  Blues dives. 

I have a landline. 


Good chance that was me you saw dancing in the market.

I can remember only 3 times when someone else smiled first.  

I dressed up as white light for Purim. 

Let's do something together and make everyone safe.