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"Speed Cushions" - And fiscal autonomy for neighborhood councils to p- especially a partial plate search - purchase them


Speed Humps vs. Speed Cushions - and the effectiveness of the City of LA vs. The City of Beverly Hills. .

Speed humps are those big humps in the middle of the street made of cement, take days to install while disrupting residents and  traffic, they stall the time of emergency vehicles, and cost over ten thousand dollars a piece. 

What's worse is that the City of LA accepts applications for these only twice a year. And there is a limited number of application that are received - if you don't get it in on time, you have to wait 6 more months. 

Speed cushions serve the same purpose but are prefabricated, made of recycled rubber, can be installed in hours therefore not disrupting residents or traffic, and do not stall the time of emergency vehicles,. And because they are made of small interlocking pieces, when one piece is worn out, just that piece is replaced - not the entire speed cushion. And they cost less than 3,000.

My community of Pico-Robertson desperately needs more speed humps/cushions to slow the ever-increasing number of drivers who are speeding through residential streets as well as running stop signs. 

I presented this idea to the LA Vision Zero team. I was told that the City of LA would have to do extensive research on these speed cushions, as well as an extensive evaluation of where traffic needs to be slowed. 

My suggestion is that SORO, the South Robertson Neighborhood  Council, (which operates under the umbrella of the LA City Council) should have fiscal autonomy in order to purchase these itself.  

Well, shocker.  that's not going to happen. - at least not yet. 

By way of comparison... 

I was driving through Beverly Hills - and guess what? - there were those speed cushions. I called the city, spoke to the traffic department and asked about the process of how those came to be installed.

Guess what? 

The process involved two people. They agreed it was a great idea, they ordered them for 4 streets - no years long evaluation, just DONE in a few weeks. 


A 3-day grace period for hit-and-run drivers to come forward


This may sound counter intuitive considering there's a driver out there who struck me, saw me gushing blood in the middle of the street - and left, hit and run.  But I believe that good people freak out, good people panic, good people go into shock. I believe that many drivers who flee would come forward the next day -  or when they literally come to their senses if the penalty weren't so great. This would be tremendously advantageous to the victim: the victim would then have access to insurance money and get closure. 

When I presented this idea to the secretary of the CA State Senate Transportation Committee, I was told that while one of the senators wanted to support the idea, he felt that law enforcement would heavily oppose it. I hope to speak to representatives and lobbyists of law enforcement to talk about a new way of looking at this.  

Here's the fact: the way things are now, only 8% of hit and runs are solved. If this bill increased it by just 10%, that would mean hundreds of victims would be helped. 

Overhaul the DMV Registration and Search Engine


The DMV automobile registration and search engine require a complete overhaul. It is decades out of date. The make, specific model, and color all must be included in standard registration.  Currently color and model are excluded. Why is this necessary? When law enforcement does a search for a license plate for a specific car -especially a partial license plate search, including the exact model and color would reduce the number of possibility by thousands.  

What I mean by exact model is this: Take a Honda SUV, for example. There's a CRV, and and HRV. There are FOUR CR -V's: CR-V LX, CR-V EX, CR-V EXL, CR-V Touring.  There are 5 HRV models. Narrowing this down would exponentially aid law enforcement. 

Further, the DMV must have the ability to print out list of plates without the names of the owners and their addresses. 

This is one tool that would help  victims as well as law enforcement. When I wanted to go through a list of partial plates, my detective was unable to give it to me because he literally could not print it our without the names and addresses of the car owners. 

I asked if he could redact them. No - it would take too  much time.

I asked if I could hire an off-duty officer to redact them - no, that's not allowed. 

So at the end of the day, me 0 the victim - could not advocate for myself, could not have access to the list -  even though it was sitting in the hands of my detective who would happily have given it to me. 




Thank you to Councilmember Koretz and his team!

Thank you to City Councilman Paul Koretz and his team for being passionate supporters of pedestrian safety awareness. It was great meeting with you! Lots of exciting news coming soon!