Inspiring Pedestrian Safety Awareness

Inspiring Pedestrian Safety Awareness

Inspiring Pedestrian Safety AwarenessInspiring Pedestrian Safety AwarenessInspiring Pedestrian Safety Awareness

A pedestrian is injured every 8 minutes, killed every 88.

"I was struck by an SUV as a pedestrian and survived a near-death hit-and-run. Blessed and grateful, my mission is to inspire you to wear reflective and high visibility clothing and to become a vigilant, aware pedestrian." 

- Entertainment Industry Life Coach Sherri Ziff  

Let's work together to save lives.

"BE VISIBLE" In Schools: Pedestrian Safety Education


With super fun art projects using high-visibility safety vests, and using the NHTSA comprehensive, age-appropriate classroom plans as a guide -and a lot of enthusiasm - we bring pedestrian safety awareness education to schools. 

With art and heart, please join us in teaching our kids how to be safe. 

We have a program for every age: preschool, grammar school, middle school and high school. 

Got a school? We're ready! Let's make a plan.     

BE VISIBLE: Everything You Need to Know About Being Seen


"High visibility" - or "high vis" are things made of the bright, florescent material - usually bright yellow (like the vests) or bright orange. Day or night - you stand out.  

"Reflective" means that on-coming head lights reflect off the material and literally lights you up. This material is typically dark - it only become visible when lights hit it. (like the photo above) 

We've collected the best reflective & high-vis:   cool jackets, tote bags, high-end women's fashions, wraps, kids stuff, backpacks, reflective stickers, reflective spray for clothing, hats, beanies... Get outerwear with reflective material already built in as your new "is".  

BE SAFE: The Types of Crashes Between Pedestrians and Cars


There are so many ways people and cars can collide - often fatally. 

Check out these diagrams so you can avoid a collision. 

One example: the diagram above shows what it looks like when a  pedestrian darts or steps out midblock.  A pedestrian runs or walks out into the roadway in an unmarked area in the middle of the block and is struck by a vehicle. Kids often do this to retrieve a ball. 

Are You A Distracted Driver? 3,166 pedestrians were killed by distracted drivers in 2017.


Distractions: It's not easy to drive anymore.  Your cell phone is ringing. You're getting texts. Drivers are running stop signs and red lights in record numbers. Drivers are drifting lanes. It's hard to focus - but you can!  Click here to find out how. And take the pledge!

Are You a Distracted Pedestrian?91% of pedestrian fatalities are their fault. Here's how to be safe


It's dangerous out there. Pedestrian collisions rose by 81% nationwide in 2019. We're paying more attention to our cell phones than to the traffic. One thing I've noticed:  Parked SUV's are blocking driver's ability to see us. We have to be alert and vigilant. Here's what you must know to be safe. 

2,000 Safety Vests Distributed in Pico-Robertson on Shavuot, 2019 (But it's not about the vest!)


So thrilled: our first venture in bringing pedestrian safety awareness to Pico Robertson was an overwhelming success! Partnering with Aish Hatorah, Happy Minyan, Beth Jacob, B'nai David, Anshe Emet, Chabad, Adas Torah and others, we lit up Pico-Robertson from night until dawn!  

What We're Doing

We're Working with Local and State Government to Save Lives


In trying to advocate for myself and find the car that hit me, I've discovered numerous simple changes that would dramatically help law enforcement, victims, and prevent future accidents, Here are three of my ideas:  

  • Speed cushions and the fiscal autonomy of neighborhood councils to install them
  • A 3 day grace period for the drivers of hit-and-runs to come forward without penalty
  • An overhaul of the DMV registration and search engine


We're Spreading The Word: "Be Visible. Be Safe" in Schools, at Events, in the Media - locally and nationally, and more...


Lots of great stuff coming soon! 

And...We're Still Passing Out Safety Vests, One Vest at a Time...


See something, say something, right? 

To us, it's see someone, say something! Daily, I'm driving - or walking - and there's someone - usually dressed in black - virtually invisible to drivers. 

So, I can't help it - I butt in. I pull over. 

And I don't care if I'm annoying cuz I'd rather be annoying than see you get killed. 

99% of the time, the responses are amazing:  "Oh, Bless you!!" "This is really free?" "Thank you for caring!" "I really need that!" 

We'll bring vests - and a info session, if you'd like- to your event, office, party... 

Our Mission. You've Been Hit and Run. Me. Contact Us.

Our Mission


  • to save lives by inspiring pedestrian safety awareness
  • to inspire wearing reflective and high-visibility outerwear and accessories
  • to continue to distribute "starter" safety vests
  • to raise awareness to the very real traffic danger in our communities
  • to empower local legislature with fiscal autonomy in order to implement solutions to traffic dangers in an immediate and timely way
  • to bring age-appropriate pedestrian and bicycle safety education to schools with art projects

I survived a Near-Death Hit-and Run. I want you to be safe.


  On March 9, 2018, while walking to dinner in Los Angeles, I took a step off the curb. A driver of an SUV ran the stop sign, made a hard left, and struck me. I was thrown nearly 30 feet. The paramedics didn't think I'd live. But I was blessed with another chance to live. And that's why I want to save your life.    

Me. Life Coach. Speaker. Writer. Grateful.


Life Coach. I believe in saying YES!: Yes to life, yes to your creativity, yes to living with purpose, yes to love, yes to those crazy ideas, yes to changing your direction, yes to exploring new things, yes to discovering undiscovered parts of yourself, yes to a deep and meaningful spiritual life, yes to bringing forward your unique gifts, talents, ideas, and dreams. NOW.My life purpose, my soul’s desire is to help you be your truest self.

"You've Been Hit And Run: What You Must Do Now!" The Book.


Only 8% of hit-and-runs are solved. The truth is:  The police can't help. And you must take action ASAP for any hope of finding the car. 

"It's everything I wish I'd known the first week to find the car." The only book written by a survivor, Entertainment Industry Life Coach Sherri Ziff shares her expertise.  Give customers a reason to do business with you.

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