Our Programs

Be Visible in Schools


Pedestrian Safety Awareness Education In Schools: With super fun, high-visibility art projects, and using the NHTSA comprehensive, age-appropriate classroom plans as a guide -and a lot of enthusiasm - we bring pedestrian safety awareness education to schools.  

Be Visible. Here's How.


 We've made it easy to get the reflective and high-vis accessories & outerwear you'll love, and more importantly, you'll wear!  We've partnered with everyone from individual artists on Etsy, to small business owners, to Amazon vendors, to larger companies all sharing the same goal: create cool stuff to keep you safe.  

Distributing Safety Vests


It started with passing out one vest at a time - then jumped to 3,000 all at once on Shavuot! And, we've really only just begun!  We've got a lot of work to do!!! Our goal is to make reflective gear - the new "is".  

We'll come to your house of worship, your office, your gym - anywhere - to get the message out and get you visible.  

Government Initiatives


 In trying to advocate for myself and find the car that hit me, I've discovered numerous simple changes that would dramatically help law enforcement, victims, and prevent future accidents, Here are three of my ideas:  

  • Speed cushions and the fiscal autonomy of neighborhood councils to install them
  • A 3 day grace period for the drivers of hit-and-runs to come forward without penalty
  • An overhaul of the DMV registration and search engine


2020 "Be Visible. Be Safe." Pedestrian Safety Awareness Video Awards


We want the original, inspiring, compelling perspective from kids and teens. 

Make a 1- 3 minute video illuminating the problems and offering solutions to the pedestrian collision epidemic. 

Details coming soon!

Got An Idea?


We really want to hear it!!! Let's see if we can make it happen! And, we want to partner with you! So let us know what you're thinking.!