Our First Adventure Saving Lives: Shavuot 2019

Yes, you can!!!

So it started with an idea and then it came to fruition at warped speed: 

Monday night: Shavuot, the holiday in which Jewish people stay up all night studying, and walking from shul to shul throughout the night, is Saturday night - and it would be the perfect night to kick-off raising pedestrian safety awareness in the 'hood. Obvious, right! Why didn't I think of that last week? That would have been better. But you know when you feel that feeling in your gut? You gotta do it anyway... 

Tuesday: I call my friend and all-around make-it-happen guy Greg Yaris. Our skill sets collide. 

Greg: you want to make this happen this week? 

(p.s. - Because Shavuot begins right after Shabbat ends, that means everything would have to be purchased, picked up, packaged, and delivered by Friday afternoon. 


Me: Get the money for the vests. I'll do the rest.

Greg: okay. 

Me: I scour the universe for the distributor of the safety vets I've been buying at the 99 cent store. Miracle: they;re in LA. No accidents. 


Wednesday: Greg reaches out to a number of people in the community - done. 

Wednesday: I go downtown to this mega-warehouse. Mega. 

Part of the what's great about being a "Yeah, we can make it happen now" person" is you just do it. And sometimes in just doing it, you come across an obstacle you didn't think of. Which can be a good thing. Because if you spend a lot of time thinking about obstacles, you might not start all.  

But, still. Then there's this obstacle I didn't think of. Like, how do you put 3,000 safety vests in an SUV????  Vests that come individually plastic wrapped in boxes of 20? 

Hang on.. the rest of the story is coming soon!!!